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Vendi machines, styro and plastic packages are convenient but these don’t just magically disappear from the earth. I took these photos over 3 weeks during Christmas break in 2011, the same year massive floods swept through Dumaguete City as Tropical Depression Sendong (a.k.a. Washi) passed through. Sure, rains can cause floods but with trash like these often ending up in our waterways, such floods can have devastating effects. 

LOVE the Earth. It’s the only one we’ve got. You don’t have to be a biologist or environmentalist — sometimes, all it takes to show love for the planet that has nurtured you is a few steps to the nearest garbage bin.

misledreamer asked:

I'm so glad you answered my questions... Would you recommend studying bio first before venturing into marine bio? Or would it be okay to go straight into it? How is Siliman University as a school? Would you recommend it? Also could you tell me stories about your experiences? Both in the field and in university? Thanks so much it means so much to me

In terms of work opportunities down the road, you’d be less limited if you started off with biology. I know a few people who took marine biology in their undergrad but had a hard time with some major courses in graduate school because they didn’t have the basic background in subjects like genetics. SU’s BS Biology program is tough but it’s a great take off point for either graduate school or med school. Graduate programs are more difficult, especially if you’re not used to studying and working in small groups or by yourself. It’s always best to find out more about the faculty at any school you plan to attend as this will give you an idea of what kind of thesis topics you can work with and who could be your potential adviser. In terms of work experience, our faculty always encourage us to participate in projects as research assistants. Our school also has established relations with some of the top schools and experts in the world, and students are often exposed to visiting professors and students. If you’re yet to start college, I suggest you start with biology to keep your options open while also reaching out to marine biologists. That way, even if you’re a biology major, they might be keen to take you on as a volunteer research assistant and you can already learn a lot from that. I hope this helps you with your decision-making. Good luck!

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